Industrial Scaffolding Towers

Industrial Scaffolding Towers

Description Dimensions
Platform Heights From 2m to 12 Metres
Working Heights From 4m to 14 Metres
Loading capacity 275kg to 360kg
Certified EN1004

Go Direct Access Industrial Scaffolding Towers range includes the GDA400 and GDA500 Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Towers. We have built these scaffolding towers with tradesmen in mind using high grade aluminium which makes the scaffolding robust and long lasting. Our engineers have used an intuitive design that allows for the scaffold tower to be easily assembled without tools. It is also lightweight and can be transported easily and fast in most Vans.

The GDA500 double width Scaffold Towers extend to heights of 12m platform height and 14m working height, giving you easy access to areas at those heights. While anyone can use these Scaffolding Towers our customers include builders, surveyors, electricians, engineers, painters, photographers, interior designers and landscapers. Whatever your occupation or industry these Scaffolding Towers will address your needs.

For safety the platforms have a trap door for climbing through and when lowered they become part of the platform so the Tower can be built and used working inside the tower at all times to provide continued protection.

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