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Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Towers

Here at Go Direct Access we take Safety at Heights seriously. All our scaffolding towers are EN1004 certified so you can be sure that you are getting exceptional quality, a safe and reliable product. Also all of our Mobile Scaffolding Towers come with the required parts to build the tower safely and wheels as standard. When you purchase our scaffolding towers you also get piece of mind as they all come with warranty. We also provide a free and fast delivery service and a 14 day money back guarantee.

At Go Direct Access we design and manufacture every one of our scaffold towers in-house. Each product is designed for ease of use and safety. You don’t need to use tools to assemble our Scaffolding Towers so you can be up and running in minutes! Just watch our videos to see how easy it is to assemble our products. Our customers include engineers, tradesmen, builders, electricians, painters, plasterers and DIY enthusiasts. 

Our scaffolding towers are made from lightweight and durable aluminium. This enables them to be mobile and resilient to outdoor conditions in the UK. All Go Direct Access scaffold towers are free standing and portable which means that you don’t need to constantly re-position the base. Our scaffolding is guaranteed for easy access and safety at height! We have a range of scaffolding products that suit every height requirement. View our products below for more details.

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