Painters Platforms for Sale

Does saving time and money sound like an attractive idea to you in today’s economic climate? With the Go Direct Access range of painters platforms you can do both!


Save Time

Painting can be a time consuming job. You may have to re-position your ladder numerous times during the working day when painting. The constant re-positioning takes time and effort. We have developed products to address this issue and enable you to work faster and save time in the process:


  • Our products are mobile which allows you to easily move them from one area of a job to another.
  • Our engineers have worked hard to develop scaffolding towers and accesss podiums for painters that are intuitive and easy to use. They require no tools and can be erected in a matter of minutes, giving you more time to paint from your secure platform.
  • One of the best features of our products is that they can fit into a small van when disassembled. This allows for easy transport from site to site.


Save Money

Do you know the old saying “time is money”? It is true when you are a painter and decorator! The more time spent setting up your work space the less time you will spend painting. By saving time with our ingenious products you will also by saving money.


We have a variety of scaffold towers and scaffolding that are suited to painters and decorators every need. Shop online today and get true value for money. If you have any questions please use our instant chat at the bottom right of the screen, call us direct or email us at


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