Multi-Purpose & Scaffold Ladders

The Multi-Purpose & Scaffold Ladders are market leading products that are now available from Go Direct Access. These Ladders have multiple uses and combinations including but not limited to Step-Ladders, A-frame Ladders, Extension Ladders & Scaffolding Ladders.

These ladders are intuitively designed to cater for users who need an access solution that is easily transported and stored. When folded they are compact enough to fit in a large car. This makes them the perfect solution for tradesmen, engineers or electricians who are travelling to several locations in the same day. The ladders are all easily extended and have been manufactured to the best standard using high grade aluminium. They have also been manufactured and designed to the highest safety standards including EN131 Certificate.

  • Aluminium
  • Certificate: EN131
  • Distance between step: 280mm
  • Loading Capacity: 150kg (23.6St)

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