Electricians Ladders and Step Ladders

A ladder is one of the most important tools for electricians. It allows for access to hard to reach areas in buildings, outdoors building sites and other work spaces. At Go Direct Access we now supply ladders specifically for electricians. Our ladders and step ladders are tried and tested and have been designed and manufactured with electricians in mind. Below we outline the full benefits of our products and recommend the most suitable ladders for electricians. If you are an electrician and have any questions about our ladders use our instant chat functionality or call or email us and we would be happy to answer any queries.

We have two types of ladders suitable for electricians Telescopic Ladders and Fibreglass Step Ladders.

Benefits of Telescopic Ladders

We recommend the telescopic ladder for electricians who main workplace is residential properties. The main benefits are:

  • Easy to Transport – Our telescopic ladder is small enough to fit in your van
  • Lightweight – The telescopic ladders are made from robust let lightweight material. This makes the ladder easy to transport across different jobs
  • Extendable – When extended our ladders can give you instant access to areas where you need to work. They can be extended fast and easily
  • Robust – Telescopic ladders are manufactured used hi-grade aluminium for extra strength and robustness
  • Guarantee – All of the Go Direct Access telescopic ladders come with free shipping, a money back guarantee and assurance of quality

Benefits of Fibreglass Step Ladders

This step ladder is for electricians who may be working on large industrial projects or work sites. The main benefits are:

  • Safety - Safety is a priority for all electricians. Our step ladders are manufactured using fibreglass which is the industry recommended material for electricians to use.
  • Mobility - Our ladders are lightweight and are easy to move in the work place.
  • Strong - Fibreglass is a stronger material than wood and provides a more secure platform to work from.
  • Durability – We supply the highest quality ladders that have been tested by industry experts. Our ladders are manufactured with high grade fibreglass that is both robust and long lasting.
  • Guarantee – If you buy our ladders or step ladders you can be guaranteed of free shipping across the UK, a money back guarantee and receiving only the highest quality product.

Fibreglass Step Ladders