Builders Scaffolding Towers

The Go Direct Access range of scaffolding towers have been tried and tested by builders in the UK. They are an ideal solution for builders in their everyday work environment. Not only do our towers make their job easier but they also make their work place safer.

Our range of builders scaffolding towers includes:
Mini Tower GDA250 – This scaffolding tower is an ideal solution for builders who need a low level access platform. The tower can be erected in a number of minutes and fits into the boot of a car or small van for easy transportation. We have manufactured the Mini Tower GDA250 from high grade aluminium making it durable and long lasting against the harsh winters in the UK.

Trade Scaffold Tower GDA300 – If you are looking for a higher platform to complete your building work we recommend the Trade Scaffold Tower GDA300. This product reaches a height of 3.9 metres when fully erect. It can be used when plastering, doing electrical work, painting and decorating or tiling. Like all of our scaffolding towers the GDA300 has a mobile design to help you finish your job faster and easier.

Self Build Tower – The Self Build Tower has been designed so that it can be erected by only one person. This makes it an ideal solution for a builder who is a sole trader or who has a small work force. The Self Build Tower is fully compliant with the Work at Height Directive. The structure provides a total working height of 4 Metres. When disassembled, the tower can fit into a small van for easy transportation.

Scaffold Tower GDA250 – This product provides the greatest reach out of all the Go Direct Access products. With a total working height of 9.1 metres the tower will provide you with access to the highest points of your building site. The tower can be erected in a matter of minutes and provides a number of extra features including ribbed frames and non-slip plywood platform. The GDA250 is excellent value for money and will provide you with an all-round solution for your building site.

Go Direct Access Promise

When you shop with Go Direct Access you can be guaranteed of a number of things.

  • Free shipping – We ship anywhere in the UK for free!
  • Money back guarantee – We are confident in our products quality and we want you to be as well.
  • Quality guaranteed – Our team of engineers work tirelessly to develop products that make your job safer and easier. All of our scaffolding towers adhere to UK scaffolding regulations and have been designed to make your job safer, easier and faster.