Here in Go Direct Access we sell a variety of ladders because we know how important it is to tailor our products to the specific needs of each individual job. Regardless whether you are a Tradesman, a DIY enthusiast or a Builder Go Direct Access have the perfect ladder to meet your needs.

 Our Telescopic Ladders 

Telescopic Ladders are the most popular ladders at Go Direct Access and it is very simple to see why. Telescopic Ladders are highly versatile and therefore suitable for a variety of jobs. Our customers for Telescopic Ladders include Tradesmen, Engineers, Surveyors, Painters, Electricians and DIY enthusiasts. These Ladders require very little storage space as they fold down nicely to around 85cm depending on the height you choose. They are so small when folded they can be stored in the boot of a small car or even under the bed or behind a door. These ladders are the ideal solution for Tradesmen and Surveyors visiting several sites in one day.

Despite being ultra-lightweight at around 10kg our Telescopic Ladders have a loading capacity of up to 150kg. Like with all our products they are manufactured using high grade aluminium making the Telescopic Ladder not only light but also highly durable and suitable for outdoor use as aluminium does not rust. Of course our ladders also comply to the highest safety standards which is why we are delighted to announce that every single one is EN131 certified. Depending on your needs we have double sided or single Telescopic Ladders ranging all the way from 2.6m to 5.6m.

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Telescopic Ladder
 Our Multi-Purpose & Scaffold Ladders 

The Multi-Purpose & Scaffolding Ladder range from Go Direct Access will never seize to surprise you with a multitude of applications and possibilities. You can use them in over 13 different ways. The Multi-purpose range can be transformed into scaffolding ladders, A-frame ladders, straight or stand-off ladders and much more. Check out the photos on our website for all the possibilities. No matter if you are an engineer, an electrician, a surveyor or a gardener, we at Go Direct Access know what a nuisance it can be to get from one job to another on time when having to store big ladders in your van. With this in mind our ladders are designed to fold down neatly and fit effortlessly into your van for storage or transport.

By using nothing but high grade aluminium for our Multi-Purpose Ladders we can ensure they are lightweight as well as meeting the highest safety standards. All our products go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet standards. We have various heights available for you, our newest and largest in this range being 6.9m. Needless to say our Multipurpose and Scaffold Ladders are all also EN131 certified.

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 Fibreglass Step-Ladders 

The Fibreglass Step-Ladders are Go Direct Access’s most unique product. This product is made and designed specifically for electricians. As Fibreglass is a non-conductible material your health & safety is never at stake when working with currents on our Fibreglass-Stepladders. Moreover, due to its bright colour the ladder is also highly visible, again, enhancing your safety. Fibreglass has many more advantages, one of them being that it’s ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use as it cannot rust. Furthermore, the ladders have been designed with wide steps in order to reduce fatigue. Again, we can offer this ladder in different heights, depending on your personal needs. With our products you can solely concentrate on your job without having to worry about your employee’s or your own safety any longer.

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Fiberglass Step-Ladder

If you are still not sure which ladder is the right one for your job, do not hesitate in sending us an email or to call us on 02036274972. Our customer service and sales team will happily assist you with any query you might have.