At Go Direct Access we manufacture a wide range of aluminium scaffolding. The reason why we provide so many different Aluminium Scaffolding Towers is because we tailor them exactly to the needs of the end user. Our engineers have kept users in mind when designing our towers to ensure they meet each users requirements exactly in all sectors and trades.

 Our GDA250 range for is ideal for DIY & lightwork 

Some of our customers for this product include painters, electricians, gardeners and homeowners. It is the perfect choice for carrying out maintenance work on your home whether it's cleaning the gutters & windows or painting the house both inside & out or even keeping those hedges trimmed. The GDA250 Range will make all these chores and more so much easier to carry out and a lot safer.

The GDA250 range is incredibly easy to handle, with its snap out base it’s erected within minutes and doesn't require any additional tools and comes with wheels so it can be easily moved. This range was also desinged with tradesmen and ease of use in mind which is why it is small enough to roll through doorways so there is no need to dimantle when moving from room to room. The GDA250 is very convenient for storage and transport as it folds down nicely. This range is great value for money and our engineers used nothing but high grade 1.5" aluminium tubing to produce them, which makes the tower robust and sturdy. Our aluminium towers allow you to use them outdoors as well as indoors because, unlike steel, aluminium doesn’t rust. The 1.5” tubing allows a loading capacity of up to 180kg, which means that you can easily bring all your tools on the tower while working at heights safely.

The GDA250 range comes in different heights, starting at 0.8m platform height (2.8m working height) and goes all the way up to 7.1m platform height (9.1m working height). Whether you want to change a light bulb, trim hedges, clean windows, paint the house or clean the gutters, the Go Direct Access GDA250 Mobile Aluminium Towers is the tower for you.

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 Our GDA300 range for is ideal for Tradesmen 

The GDA300 is very similar to the GDA250 range in size, however, it’s far more robust and sturdy with 2" aluminium tubing and a 200kg loading capacity which makes it a lot more suitable to heavier duty work on construction sites. It’s also very easy to assemble and disassemble and is certified to EN1004.

The GDA300 also was designed to fit through doorways so there is no need to dismantle it when moving from room to room. It also has the added bonus of mm adjutsable legs for working on uneven surfaces to level the tower. The adjsutable legs come as standard with these towers from 2.6m platform height and may also be purchased as extra's for the lower heights.

Due to its 2” tubing and higher loading capacity the GDA300 can take a lot more from it's users so is therefore excellent for tradesmens, builders using heavy tools and commercial use in the industrial sectors. Some of our customers include ESB Networks, Teagasc, fire stations and a number of construction companies, builders, interior designers, electricians & transport companies including rail and buses.

Every tower in this range comes with a 3-year warranty. We know, one tower doesn’t suit the needs of everybody so this tower is also available in different heights. Starting at 0.9m platform height (2.9m working height) and goes all the way up to 7.1m platform height (9.1 m working height). Moreover, if you decide to start with a small tower you can always get an extension pack later and add to your existing tower.

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 Our GDA400 & GDA500 range is ideal for Construction & Industry 

Go Direct Access Industrial Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Towers range include the GDA400 and GDA500 Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Towers. Our engineers have built these scaffolding towers with contruction and industry sectors in mind using high grade 2" aluminium tubing (the same as what you would get when hiring scaffolding) which makes the scaffolding robust and long lasting. Our engineers have used an intuitive design that allows for these scaffold towers to be easily assembled without tools. They are also lightweight and can be transported easily.

The Self Erecting GDA400 Tower has a wide range of intuitive features of which include that it is a self build scaffold tower which means that it can be erected by only one person. This saves you time, money and reduces labour costs. The tower reaches an exceptional height of 6m working height when fully erect. It will also fit into its own base when disassembled and so can be transported in a small van.

The GDA500 has made working at heights very safe and easy. This mobile scaffolding tower can reach a working height of up to 14m and allows you a loading capacity of up to 275kg. Of course with all Go Direct Access Towers it is also EN 1004 certified and therefore suitable for use on construction sites and factories. This tower is extremely versatile starting from 2m platform height all the way up to 12m platform height with every meter in between. Also depending on the access you require we can offer you a single or double width tower. The GDA500 is surprisingly compact and can easily be stored in most vans when taken apart.

Our GDA500 range is on special offer at the moment. Be quick and save over a grand on your purchase.


If you are still having trouble choosing which tower is best for you and your job, please do not hesitate in contacting us or call 0203 6274 972. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.